Commercial Tile Cleaning

Commerical tile & grout cleaning

Restaurants and Commercial kitchens can present interesting cleaning problems!  

Your kitchen is producing food and the service staff running in and out constantly. Food may spill and grease splatter on the floor. This can create dangerous and slippery conditions, and it is all trampled over and tracked throughout the facility for hours.

At the end of the night your team sweeps and mops up the kitchen, serving areas and the rest of the facility.  All clean right? No!  

The fact is that most cleaning products thin out the fats, oils, and greases while mopping just helps move them around. Little is really getting absorbed or picked up. Most of what was on the floor remains on the floor.

That’s where we can help! Let us deep clean your Kitchens, Bathrooms, Work Areas, Lobbies, Dining Areas, Hallways, and more!

We Clean Kitchens, Bathrooms, Work Areas, Lobbies, Dining Areas, Hallways, and more!


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 Professional Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning

Durable and versatile, tile is becoming more and more popular in commercial settings.  Just like carpet and other flooring, tile needs professional cleaning from time to time.

restaurant kitchen floor cleaningTiny pores in the tile and grout allow dirt and other contaminates to become trapped below the surface, where they can’t be removed with regular mopping.  The dirt continues to build up inside the pores, leaving tile and grout looking dark, dirty, and discolored.

This dirty build-up also is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, mold and mildew.   Mopping and hand scrubbing with harsh cleaners can be ineffective, not to mention, time consuming and extremely labor intensive.

Don’t spend your valuable time and energy trying to clean your dirty tile and grout.  Instead, call the professionals at Service Max to do the dirty work for you.   We have equipment and commercial strength cleaning agents specifically designed to handle the tough jobs.  Our turbo tile cleaning tool delivers the cleaning agents deep into the tile and grout pores to break apart dirt and contaminates.  Then our powerful equipment extracts all of that unwanted dirt, bacteria and water, leaving your tile and grout clean and beautiful once again and with no mess to you.

So the next time your tile floors, walls, and counter tops start looking dull and dingy, don’t waste your precious time on your hands and knees.

Instead, call Service Max LLC to do the job for you so your attention can be spent on the people and things that are most important to you.Tile & Grout Cleaning

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