Window Cleaning


Window Cleaning by ServiceMax

Service Max provides a variety of services for customers including:

Commercial Complete

The Commercial Complete Service cleans every window in a commercial building. We clean the outside surface of every window, then clean the inside surface of those windows. This guarantees that the windows are cleaned to our exacting standards

Commercial Exterior

The Commercial Exterior Service cleans the exterior surface of every window in a commercial building.

Commercial Interior

The Commercial Interior Service cleans the inside surface of every window in a commercial building.

Clean windows are a must in businesses as well as in homes. Nothing conveys professionalism and attention to detail as well as sparkling clean windows.

Gone are the days when you can call up your neighborhood “window guy” to clean the windows. Unfortunately, for some building owners and managers, they still have in their mind; ” A window is a window; how hard can it be to clean them?” Window cleaning today is much more then a function of removing dirt and grim from a glass surface.


Our technicians are trained in professional window cleaning methods; they remove streaking and hard water spots that can be caused by mineral build-up. Using the proper cleaning solutions removes any remaining residue. We get them clean and bright the first time!

Remember to ask for screen cleaning as well. If your screens aren’t clean, no one will be able to see those sparkling windows!